Hosted Telephony In Business

You may have heard about cloud based telephony and wondered why it matters so much to business owners. hosted telephony, as it is otherwise known, is an IP-based system that has become a popular alternative for many companies. In conventional telephony systems, the PBX is installed on location, but with hosted telephony, the hardware is in the cloud. The functioning is somewhat similar in that you make and receive calls from a telephone. This system is changing how businesses handle their communications as employees get more features to work with. A company that is considering switching to cloud based telephony may have questions like what cost benefits the system offers and if workers can use it to text from their computers.

Extra information about telephony systems

How Hosted Telephony Works

Cloud based telephony operates on the same cables and circuits as the LAN network. The same way the internet transmits information is what happens when you make and receive calls through the IP-based system. A softphone, which is a virtual phone on a screen with a headset, or an IP handset are used to gain access. When the user dials, it goes through the IP network then proceeds to the hosted service where it identifies the called number then completes the call. It is possible to transmit data, video and voice through the network. For this reason, texting from a computer is possible.

Why Switch to Hosted Telephony

Having your telephone hardware stored in the cloud comes with several benefits. For one, a cloud based telephony system makes it possible to integrate multiple devices and have them operate in collaboration. When you have a large workforce that has to be on the phone most of the time, the system offers seamless communication. By connecting mobile and other devices to the system, employees have more communication options without geographical restrictions.

Cost savings on initial hardware installation and maintenance are other justifications to start using hosted telephony. Because the network is in the cloud, physical desk phones are not necessary. Companies can spend millions on the installation of a traditional phone system and even more to keep it up to date. With cloud based telephony, the host service is responsible for system maintenance, which doesn't cost very much.

The advanced features you get with cloud based telephony systems are great investments for a business. Hosted PBX offers call management options, a comprehensive directory, auto attendant, email, voicemail and music on hold, among others.

The management of a company's communication is less challenging when using a cloud based telephony system. An enterprise only has to find a trusted and reliable provider for the hosting service.